Trader Joe’s Vegan Feta Cheese Has Shoppers Excited

Following a vegan diet is a big commitment. It requires cutting out many commonly consumed foods, including eggs, cheese, milk, and even honey, while also being mindful of ingredients, since these products often pop up in surprising places. Cheese is a very popular ingredient that is used in a wide variety of meals and dishes, so cutting it out can be difficult. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that vegans might be on the lookout for a good cheese alternative that they can use to recreate vegan versions of many favorite foods.

Luckily, that is where Trader Joe’s comes in. The grocery store has a wide variety of vegan products (via Well+Good), and one in particular recently grabbed fans’ attention. Some shoppers have been raving about a new dairy-free cheese. One Reddit user was so excited to see the excellent vegan alternative on store shelves, they made a post in the subreddit r/traderjoes to share the good news with fellow shoppers. “Vegan Feta Cheese Alternative,” u/gluckkk captioned a photo of the item, adding in the comments that “all in all this alternative is fantastic. I think they got the feta flavor down even if the texture is not 100% the same. It’s got that light feta funk. I’m so excited I can make a complete Greek salad again. Or a strawberry fields salad.”

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