2nd Annual #FlowerLoveVideoContest Winners Announced

ALEXANDRIA, VA –  The Floral Marketing Research Fund (FMRF) in partnership with American Floral Endowment (AFE) is excited to announce the grand prize winner and two honorable mentions of its 2nd Annual #FlowerLoveVideoContest.

The contest was originally created in 2017 as a result of the findings from the 2016 FMRF-funded study “Marketing Tactics to Increase Millennial Floral Purchases,” which suggests that the best way to reach millennials is through video.

Industry members and non-industry members of all ages submitted unique videos from all around the country, each promoting the use and giving of fresh flowers. The array of videos that FMRF received were funny, emotional, creative, inspiring, artistic and so much more. The race for first place turned out to be a close one, coming down to the final day of voting to determine who would win the $4,000 Grand Prize!

Gabriel Hostetler was both honored and grateful to have his video, “Flowers = Happy” receive the Grand Prize award. “I spent $150 on flowers for this video when I only had $175 in my bank account because I believed in the vision of this video.”

While Gabriel is not a member of the floral industry, he certainly appreciates its value. “I think this contest is a great resource to promote the industry,” says Gabriel. “I’ve always wanted to do a video with a bunch of flowers. They fascinate me and go so well placed next to humans. So, this contest was a perfect opportunity to try that out!”

Nearly 60 videos were submitted to this year’s contest. The top 10finalists were chosen by a selection committee made up of industry members who scored based on commercial appeal, creativity, and how much the video highlights fresh flowers in a positive way. The top 10 videos were then voted on by consumers, industry members and anyone else on social media. The video that received the most votes was then determined to be the grand prize winner of $4,000. The second and third highest-voted videos received honorable mentions of $500. Nearly 3,000 people voted in the contest within the three-week voting period. 

Having grown up surrounded by flowers and plants, honorable mention recipient GT Manley created this video “as a fun opportunity to show my son the power of kindness and how special receiving flowers can be.”

You can see all of this year’s winners and the full contest gallery on the contest webpage. More than 100 videos from the past two contests are displayed on YouTube and Vimeo. Every Monday, a new video will be featured in #FlowerMarketingMonday – details below!
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