AFE: COVID-19 FAQs and Safety Guidelines for the Floral Industry

The Coronavirus hit the floral industry very hard this spring at a time that usually has high sales and profits. In the first few weeks of this pandemic, floral sales plummeted. We were concerned not only about the survival of businesses but for the health and safety of family, friends, and employees. All segments have been required to adjust to local and state mandates. And, without a doubt, this virus has impacted every aspect of our daily lives.

Medical professionals are seeking answers to unknown facts about this terrible disease. One fact that has become evident is that the virus is highly contagious from person to person. It is not clear, however, why some people die from the disease while others may be asymptomatic and why some locations are impacted while others are not affected. At this time, it is frightening that it is not known how COVID-19 will develop the remainder of this year and in years to come. Prediction models show that there will be additional infections and additional spikes of infections in certain areas. We can all hope for an effective vaccination soon. Until then, the floral industry must continue to adapt business practices and employee work practices to keep people healthy while seeking a successful business.

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