Asocolflores and Phytosanitary Authority Of Colombia Signed Agreement to Ensure Competitiveness of Colombian Floriculture

In order to continue improving the quality of Colombian flowers and providing our clients with an exceptional product, this alliance seeks to achieve enhanced pest-prevention and -control measures.

The four fundamental elements of this agreement are to ensure compliance with phytosanitary protocols; identify the biological diversity of flower-threatening pests and diseases; train flower-producers and their teams to better understand the challenges pests and diseases represent; and facilitate the import of plant material.

“This agreement with ICA will be implemented by the Colombian Center for Innovation and Floriculture (Ceniflores), our technical arm; which, since 2004, has led research and innovation in floriculture nationwide,” stated Augusto Solano, president of Asocolflores.

Ceniflores will work to ensure flower growers comply with the protocols set by the ICA to protect against pests and diseases that undermine stability in the sector. Its activities will include hiring scientists and other professionals to support growers; updating phytosanitary databases; and developing communications campaigns to raise awareness of phytosanitary risks.

“We want to rigorously care for the quality, diversity, sustainability, and longevity of our flowers. All this set us apart and makes us global leaders in floriculture,” asserted Solano.