Banderola, a Wave of Flowers

As a breeder, you are constantly focused on the long term. It’s easy to imagine that a flowering plant has already gone through a long journey before it reaches the store. However, before a plant is good enough to make it that far, it must first be a strong, beautiful, and interesting enough variety. Finding such a variety takes years! It’s not surprising that we think daily about what the trends will be in 10 years. What will pique the interest of the future generation? Which plant can truly grow with the times?

These are the questions that gave rise to the Banderola® series. A graceful and refined segment of anthurium, ready to grow with the generation of tomorrow. The flowers resemble graceful ribbons and blend harmoniously with the leaves in a playful manner. These charming plants produce a wave of flowers. Beautiful in large pot sizes but also highly suitable for smaller sizes. Timeless elegance in the colours red and white.

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