Bundled Combinations Shine in Every Region

Which combinations work best for your area of the country?  Find the ones with varieties that flourish in your region and are sought-after by home gardeners.

Four Star’s Bundled Combination Kits come in more than 300 combinations, many of which are ideally suited to every U.S. region.  Thanks to the real-time tracking of actual sales at retail, we are able to rank the best selling, most popular combinations for every area of the country. These rankings consider multiple years of sales data, customer feedback to regional sales representatives and performance attributes, such as heat- and drought-tolerance, according to Angie VanWashenova, Internal Sales Supervisor.

“We understand that growing attention-grabbing hanging baskets or patio pots cannot be a one size fits all model,” she says.  “That is why we offer over 300 beautiful combinations with a wide variety of color mixes, textures and shapes for our growers.”

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