Danziger’s New Cut Flowers Catalog For The 2022 Season: 80 Novelties – 3 Brand New Series – 340 Varieties

Danziger is excited and proud to launch the new 2022 Cut Flowers catalog, showcasing a rich assortment of 20 different crops, more than 80 novelties, 3 brand new series and 340 varieties.

The catalog can be downloaded directly from: https://files.danzigeronline.com/smart-view/cut-flowers_21-22/

A brilliant novel addition to Danziger’s portfolio and catalog is our SENTI™ Roses cut roses assortment, marking a strategic step forward for the company. It is an exciting expression of the company’s vision, its promise to growers and its commitment to genetic innovation resulting in new assortments.

With such diverse cut flower offerings, this season we divided the catalog into 3 major categories, to make it easier for growers, buyers, and florists to browse the assortment and find exactly what they are looking for:

  • ESSENTIALS FLOWERS: Flowers that are the backbones of beautiful bouquets
  • SHOW STOPPER FLOWERS: Flowers that are the central attraction in every bouquet
  • SPOTLIGHT FLOWERS: Flowers that add the dynamic shape and height to floral arrangements

Essentials Flowers:

These are the backbones of beautiful bouquets. Essentials provide a framework for the design concept, add stunning depth, and draw emphasis to a specific focal point in an arrangement. They can also be used as a stand-alone centerpiece creating a WOW effect.

This category includes the following crops: Gypsophila, Limonium, Lepidium, Solidago, Kalanchoe, Dianthus, Hypericum and Aster.

One of the novelties in this category is the new Hypericum series GLOBO™with very big berries that can be used as a focal disbud and as spray.

Show Stopper Flowers:

Show stoppers are the central attraction in every bouquet, that stand out among their smaller counterparts. The focal flower is usually the largest flower in a bouquet – a single bloom per stem, that adds stability to a design and grabs the attention of the viewer.

This category includes the following crops and series: Roses, Chrysanthemum, Scabiosa, Gerbera, Carnation, Anemone and Sunflower.

The main novelty in this category is Danziger first ever SENTI™ Roses’ assortment, leveraging Danziger’s global expertise, excellence, and experience.

Another interesting novelty is PASIÓN™ BLIZZARD – a pure white cushion mum with an extraordinary long vase life that can be used as spray or disbud. And FELICIDAD™ JADE – The first dark green buttons mum with long vase life of more than 15 days.

Spotlight Flowers:

Spotlights add the dynamic element to floral arrangements. They define the shape and add different heights to the arrangement. Perfect for that outstanding, imposing floral arrangement to WOW every guest.

This category includes the following crops: Veronica, Craspedia, Ornithogalum, Caryopteris and Liatris

One of the novelties in this category is SKYLER SPLASH™ series – Danzigerfirst spray series of Veronicas, with more than 4 spikes flower per stem that open in full synchronization, in deep colors of pink, blue and white.

Another interesting offering is the PAGODA™ DARK PINK – an original pagoda-shaped Caryopteris in deep pink color.

About Danziger

Danziger, a global leading breeder of bedding plants and cut flowers, holds hundreds of patents and breeder’s rights, and offers over 600 different plant varieties, sold in more than 65 countries. The company’s R&D department is one of the largest in the field, and it operates advanced production sites on three continents. Danziger markets its varieties to approximately 1,000 customers and holds more than 200 license agreements with nurseries worldwide.

For further information, please visit: www.danzigeronline.com