Effect of Shipping Method and EthylBloc Treatment On Vase-Life of Stock (Matthiola incana) Following Simulated Wholesale Storage And Exposure to Ethylene Gas


Stock (Mathiola incana) is a popular cool season cut flower known for its fragrant showy flower spikes in a variety of colors.  Stock is often harvested with a portion of its root system still attached and can be prone to wilting as well as challenging to hydrate.  For this reason, some growers will ship these flowers in a transport solution.   Stock is also ethylene sensitive. 

We wanted to investigate the effects of wet versus dry shipping methods and with or without EthylBloc™ treatment on consumer vase-life following simulated wholesale storage and exposure to ethylene gas.


Three varieties of stock were harvested and placed into FloraLife® HydraFlor® by a California grower. Bunches were divided into the following shipping treatments:

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