At Four Star Greenhouse, Employee Safety is Job #1

The threat of COVID-19 hit Four Star right at the peak shipping weeks. Quick response and real teamwork brought about dramatic changes to ensure employees continue to be safe and healthy. These ideas can help any grower make the workplace safer for years to come.

Just as Four Star and other small plant producers were entering the busiest shipping weeks of the year, everyone realized we had a Coronavirus pandemic on our hands. The way Four Star’s managers and employees responded was to quickly work together to make as many changes as possible to keep employees safe – an effort that continues today. We got the details of these efforts from Mike Heulitt, Human Resources Manager, and Jeff Back, Director of Greenhouse Operations. Their experiences can offer insights for any grower or grower-retailer as we all move forward into the summer of 2020 and beyond.

Setting Goals & Making Changes
“In early March, when it became clear that this would impact everyone, we had several internal conversations,” recalls Heulitt. “We felt the best place to get recommendations to follow was the Center for Disease Control.”  Those steps include hand washing, disinfecting, social distancing and several others.

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