Flower Farming is Making a Comeback as Gardeners Grow a Local Niche

In the humid haze of an early summer morning, Ash Hobson Carr walks up and down rows of snapdragons and delphiniums, expertly snipping long stems of bright blooms. On the 6 acres in Highland Springs that she shares cooperatively with two other farming enterprises, Hobson Carr’s Hazel Witch Farm flower business is blooming.

So is Jenny and Paul Maloney’s Wind Haven Farm in King William County, where Jenny’s love of flowers went from a front-yard garden 10 years ago to a thriving wholesale flower business on an 11-acre farm with 7 acres in production.

“When I first got into [the local wholesale flower market], there was just me and one other guy,” Jenny Maloney says. “Now there are a slew of people selling wholesale. It has exploded in the last 10 years.”

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