Michigan-Grown Flower Farms Building Momentum Up North

Winter is the best time to talk to flower growers in Northern Michigan. Once the land has been blanketed by the first big snow, a collective breath is taken. A couple months of respite from hard labor is welcome after the busy spring and summer. Winter is time for taking stock and making plans for spring planting. It was good to catch up with a few of the local flower growers in the area and learn more about what it takes to bloom in a small community.

From a larger Lavender operation to a one man show, it’s interesting to see the various ways flower farming is done here in the north.

Lavender Hill Farm

It’s honeybees that deserve a lot of the credit for the old cattle farm on Horton Bay Road becoming what it is today. Back in 2003, beekeeper, Linda Longworth was looking for a place to keep her bees. When she and her husband, Roy, found the old farm, they knew that buying it would provide a good space for the bees. It would also keep the land from being commercially developed, which was important to them and to the surrounding community.

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