Royal Van Zanten and KeyGene Start Partnership to Accelerate the Breeding of Ornamental Crops

Breeder of ornamental crops Royal Van Zanten, and plant research company KeyGene have agreed upon a multiyear partnership in research and development. The partnership will enable Royal Van Zanten, a leading company in pot plants, cut flowers and flower bulbs, to accelerate the development of market focused varieties in its ornamental crops and strengthen its team of passionate breeders and scientists. Thanks to the new collaboration, KeyGene, which develops and applies innovative technologies for crop improvement, can importantly broaden the use of its proprietary technologies in ornamental crops.

Visible innovation
In ornamental crops, the power and impact of innovation is clearly perceived throughout the chain: from consumer to grower. That generates a very dynamic environment, in which swiftly and powerfully responses to wishes and requirements of the market is key to success.

In that market, Royal Van Zanten has been a flourishing innovative business in the international ornamental horticulture industry since 1862, and will celebrate this year it’s 160 years anniversary. The innovation capabilities combined with the passion of the personnel in The Netherlands, Colombia, New Zealand, Uganda, and South Africa, and the collaboration partners in the supply chain, enable the company to supply a wide range of cut flowers, pot plants and flower bulbs.

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