Royal Van Zanten Offers a New Twist to an Old Favorite

A new twist to an old favourite

Saba had been a leading spray chrysanthemum for more than 10 years. Its stunning purple and white petals surrounding a green centre make Saba perfect for every floral creation. This uniform, ultra-robust and stunning spray chrysanthemum also has outstanding transport properties and a long vase life. Clearly a flower that offers extra value for every link in the supply chain. No wonder it’s been called the queen of chrysanthemums.

But Royal Van Zanten’s breeding efforts don’t stop once a variety becomes available to the market. Over the years, we’ve been working with the Saba growers to optimise this variety by carefully selecting plants displaying the best genetics. It’s an ongoing process that responds, of course, to the market’s requirements. In the end, success depends on teamwork.

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