Selecta One Offers Chrysanthemum Open House in a Digital Exhibition During Chrysanthemum Week 2020

We were ready and excited to host our face to face Chrysanthemum Open House 2020 held in Rionegro, for the first time during WK 35 the national Chrysanthemum Week Usually, during WK 9, we opened our doors to customers to present new varieties and technical updates, but everything changed with this challenging year. That’s why we decided to create new alternatives that allow us to connect with you. 

“It´s been a challenging year to all of the active members in the industry, but as breeders we have a responsibility with our customers to supply innovation, bringing new varieties into the market for them to grow… we had to find a virtual solution that allow us to continue with our open house as it is the place to meet and discover the most striking novelties, see tomorrow’s principal market and consumer trends. On the bright side, this solution will allow us to show our introductions and reach customers in others locations around the world. ” Daniela Navarro, Selecta cut flowers Marketing manager.

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