Selecta One Releases New Perennials and Chrysanthemum Catalog for 2021

The domestic greenery has gained in importance this year. “Staycation” – holiday at home is the motto. With our assortment it will be colourful and cosy in your own garden and on your balcony even in late summer and autumn – the golden autumn days can come! Plan for autumn 2021 with our wide range of Perennials, Grasses, Herbs and Chrysanthemums, which you will find summarised in our new catalogue!
The current late summer sales confirm the demand: mixed autumn pots and bowls are trendy! Our Autumn Friends (from page 4) offer the ideal products for this and provide a breath of fresh air in the traditional late summer autumn range! The variety of possible combinations of Autumn Friends is endless: from bright spots of colour of our hardy pot carnations (from page 16), to trendy, autumnal and colourful Heuchera (including new varieties from page 30) and beautiful Grasses in different growth heights (from page 42) to various structural plants such as Muehlenbeckia, Calocephalus, Ajuga and many more. No matter whether you decide on mixed planting of the young plants from the potting date or on the production of single pots, the results are certainly attractive, colourful and compact products with a long shelf life and great pleasure for the end consumer.
Providing food sources for insects in late summer and autumn is also an important concern for us (pages 8+9). We especially recommend Gaura, the Lavender varieties “Les Bleus” and Echinacea – with a new variety in autumn colour orange: Meditation Orange (page 29).

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