Selecta One Releases New Poinsettia Catalog 2020

When colourful Poinsettias stand on the shelves and grace the homes of consumers festively, it is already time to think about the next season. We will gladly support you with our new Poinsettia catalogue 2020.

We have something very special for you again: SkyStar® is our Poinsettia novelty 2020 – the Superstar of Christmas Stars! This new variety impresses with red bracts covered in white dots, like the flares of a spotlight. With dark green foliage; thick, robust, dark red, V-shaped stems; and a good root system, SkyStar® involves excellent characteristics. Get the spotlight ready! And there’s suitable advertising material available as well – the perfect support act.

Do you already have the Mouse? Our Christmas Mouse® with round instead of pointed leaves is already in high demand this season and inspires everyone – now this is a slightly different red Poinsettia!

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