Spring Meadow Nursery to introduce three new Proven Winners ColorChoice

Spring Meadow Nursery will introduce three new cultivars of panicle hydrangeas at the upcoming Cultivate’20 Virtual conference and trade show.

Attendees who visit Spring Meadow’s booth, or the New Varieties Showcase, will be able to learn more about three new cultivars of Proven Winners® ColorChoice® panicle hydrangeas: FIRE LIGHT TIDBIT™, QUICK FIRE FAB™, and the eagerly-awaited predecessor to the hydrangea that has become a household name, LIMELIGHT PRIME™.

FIRE LIGHT TIDBIT™ is a dwarf hydrangea similar to the popular H. Paniculata, BOBO®. Appropriately sized for the front of the border, this hydrangea has a bun-shaped habit and large, rounded blooms. The late-season blooms emerge a creamy, light green-white and quickly begin to turn raspberry pink. This compact cultivar will grow to 2-3’ tall and 3’ wide.

QUICK FIRE FAB™ is a remarkable, early blooming hydrangea with lots of wow. It has large, football-sized and shaped blooms with densely packed cruciform flowers of a creamy green color. Soon after, watermelon hues appear at the base of the bloom and work their way up toward the tip. A fast grower, it reaches heights and widths of 6-8’.

LIMELIGHT PRIME™ is an improved, more refined version of its namesake, ‘Limelight’, but with darker leaves, stronger stems, a more compact habit, and strong, upright growth. The blooms emerge a vivid lime-green and maintain that color until they transition into a bubble gum pink, and then a deep punch pink. A compact version of the classic, it reaches heights of 4-6’, and widths of 4’.

All three cultivars have the superior USDA zone 3-8 hardiness that makes panicle hydrangeas such a popular choice for gardeners and landscapers across the country.

Tim Wood, Spring Meadow’s head of product development had this to say about introducing the three new hydrangeas: “We’re not just introducing plants because we have them, we’re really looking for strong improvements. We’re looking for hydrangeas with unique coloration schemes, for plants that that will fill gaps in the market, and that can be used in new applications.” He continued, “These new hydrangeas are a very strong lineup.”

Cultivate Virtual opens in the new online format on July 13, and runs for three days. Registration for the expo-only pass is free. Once you arrive, you can visit Spring Meadow Nursery at 3D exhibit booth #0915, to learn more about any of their 300+ varieties of Proven Winners® ColorChoice® shrubs, chat with staff, and place your orders; just as you would in person.

More information about the new H. paniculata varieties and where to find them can also be found at LimelightPrimeHydrangea.comQuickFireFabHydrangea.com, and FireLightTidbitHydrangea.com, or by emailing Spring Meadow’s sales manager, Tony Thom:   Tony@SpringMeadowNursery.com.