The Importance of Equiconnect to Your Floral Business

As you know, we’re in a whole different world than a few years ago: E-commerce is no longer just a good idea; it’s a vital component to increasing your business. That’s why Rio Roses’ Equiconnect online purchasing system ensures you can purchase Rio products when it’s convenient for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your Online Connection to Equiflor

EquiConnect gives wholesalers convenient 24-hour online access to purchase flowers and review their accounts.

Benefits of Buying Online

■ View our live inventory 24 hours a day and make a purchase anytime.

■ Searchable inventory allows you to search by Ship Date, Flower Type, Color, Variety, Grade, and Box Size.

■ Your account is populated with your specific transportation options.

■ Choose the shipper and the day the flowers ship.

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