Announcing New Feature of SIMBA Solutions that Keeps Broken Lots Traceable

Kirkland – WA – Dynamic Systems, Inc., a Kirkland, Washington software developer specializing in solutions for Seafood and Meat Processors, launches a new feature for SIMBA. The application provides complete traceability of all broken lots.

SIMBA software from Dynamic Systems announces a remarkable tool to help food processors and wholesalers sell small quantities from bulk lots while maintaining end-to-end traceability and inventory tracking. 

Using barcode data, SIMBA’s ‘Make From” function tracks small units broken from large lots, automatically adjusting the original lot size to compensate. The feature adds flexibility and speed for processors who need to serve both large and small customers, processing in bulk and make-to-order.

One user is HAM Produce and Seafood, of Honolulu Hawaii which wholesales large fish like tuna while also serving customers who need just a few steaks or filets at a time. 

“We use SIMBA’s make-from function to make small lots from large ones while maintaining traceability,” says HAM CEO Jerome Lu. “We can pick from the bulk lot without using it all. It’s great for our customers in grocery, hotels and restaurants who want smaller quantities.”

The make-from function is just another way that SIMBA provides fast, accurate ways to track production and inventory. The software is designed specifically for seafood and meat processors, replacing pen-and-paper data recording with fast touchscreen and barcode data entry. Designed to work with industry-standard scanners, tablets, printers and scales, SIMBA tracks product from receiving to shipping, including detailed product features such as size, color and cut. 

“We capture lots of useful data at the auction house that we use to organize our inventory,” adds Lu.  

To do this, he uses Zebra TC57 scanners with built-in cell phones, transmitting purchased inventory data to his SIMBA Office system. It’s part of his network of SIMBA-connected devices which include scales, Mobile Barcode Computers, Rugged Touch Computers and Waterproof Touchscreen PCs:

The results speak for themselves: better productivity; accurate production and inventory reports; full end-to-end traceability; and elimination of duplicate data entry and reporting at time of shipping. All in real-time. 

About SIMBA Solutions

SIMBA Solutions provides the fresh seafood, meat and produce industry proven, reliable systems for labeling, tracking, and tracing inventory. It is a division of barcode systems software developer and solutions provider Dynamic Systems, Inc., a privately held company founded in 1981 and still led by founder CEO Alison Falco.