Parker House Sausage Began With $10 and a Family Recipe. 102 Years Later, It’s a Chicago Icon — and One of America’s Oldest Black-Owned Businesses.

Robin McFolling is Chicago’s sausage queen.

Heiress of the legendary Parker House Sausage Co., McFolling is the third generation to reign over her family’s centenarian South Side sausage factory, where she’s been its president since 2013.

The original “Sausage King” was Judge Parker, McFolling’s grandfather, who started Parker House in 1919. Today, it is one of the oldest meat processors in the country. It is also one of the oldest Black-owned businesses in the country. In guarding this glory of a legacy, McFolling must extend it with her own vision.

But first, she’s got to make the sausage.

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