Sahlen’s Flagship Hot Dogs & Newest Product Now Available at Kroger

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Three varieties of Sahlen’s Hot Dogs can now be found at several Kroger retail locations throughout the Southeast United States. Kroger adds two of Sahlen’s most sought after hot dog products—Tender Casing Pork & Beef Smokehouse Hot Dogs and Tender Casing All Beef Smokehouse Hot Dogs—as well as Sahlen’s latest product release, Grilled For You™ Hot Dogs.

The two tender casing hot dog products have always been a Western New York staple, while Grilled For You™ Hot Dogs, released earlier this year, add a new, convenient time-saving option for on-the-go consumers, as these hot dogs come pre-grilled and can be heated quickly using a variety of prep methods such as air frying, sauteing, broiling, microwaving, and more.

Founded in 1869, and now in its fifth generation of family ownership, Sahlen Packing Co. has delivered premium hot dogs, sausages, and deli meats to consumers, foodservice operators, and grocery retail chains across the country. And now, Kroger shoppers can find Sahlen’s Tender Casing Pork & Beef, Tender Casing All Beef, and Grilled For You™ Hot Dogs throughout Ohio, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, and other midwestern/southeastern states.

Sahlen’s VP of Marketing, Kenneth Voelker, on the new product offering at Kroger, “We couldn’t be more excited to offer our retail partners and their loyal customers throughout the midwest and southeast with the premium hot dogs they deserve. We believe that no matter an individual’s familiarity with Sahlen’s Hot Dogs, it only takes one taste to create a lifelong loyalist. We look forward to doing just that with the introduction of our original Smokehouse Tender Casing Hot Dogs and our latest innovation the Grilled For You™ Hot Dogs at Kroger locations.”

Sahlen’s Smokehouse Pork & Beef, All Beef, and Grilled For You™ Hot Dogs are crafted with whole and fresh pieces of meat, contain gluten-free ingredients, use a savory blend of Smokehouse seasonings, and are wrapped in a specialty tender casing giving them their signature snap that consumers across the country crave.

With the addition of these three products before Independence Day to Kroger, one of the largest retailers in the United States based on annual sales, more expats and current Sahlen Packing Co. loyalists can have regular access to their favorite hot dog products, while new customers can experience an elevated hot dog experience—whether they look to grill the signature Smokehouse Hot Dogs over a charcoal grill or need a meal on-the-go made possible by Grilled For You™ Hot Dogs.

Kroger customers can find and purchase these new Sahlen products at a location near them, as they prepare for their summer cookouts around the grill. For further information on Kroger, or to find the closest of 2,750 grocery retail stores it operates nationally near you, visit

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