Bako Sweet’s Strong Harvest Signals Excitement for Global Show

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. –  Bako Sweet is delighted to share the latest updates on sweet potato harvest as they gear up for the Global Produce and Floral Show in Anaheim. This year, the brand will showcase its unmatched quality and commitment to sales-driven strategies and value-added product lines.

The brand’s harvest season has been off to a promising start, despite the cold and wet conditions that followed the winter months. The standout feature of this year’s harvest is the remarkable range of sizes to meet each pack style, a testament to the dedication of the brand’s growing practices. As the harvest season reaches its halfway mark, concluding mid-November, all signs point to a slightly higher yield from last year.

“We expanded acreage this year and have been really pleased with the quality and sizing of the crop so far this season,” shared Matt McCort, executive vice president of Bako Sweet. “We’re committed to meeting the growing demand for Bako Sweet products and have plans for continued growth in our value-added business from the ground up.”

As Bako Sweet prepares for the upcoming Global Produce Show, the team is excited to present their full line of products to attendees. This is an excellent opportunity for retailers to engage with Bako Sweet and discuss promotional and merchandising strategies for both the holiday season and the year ahead.

Susan Noritake, director of sales at Bako Sweet, emphasizes the brand’s commitment to making sweet potatoes a year-round culinary delight. “While sweet potatoes are traditionally associated with holiday feasts, our focus is on ‘sweetening your every day.’ We’re working closely with retailers to merchandise our products in a way that supports year-round sales.”

Bako Sweet’s goal at the Global Produce Show is to showcase the versatility of sweet potatoes and provide creative ideas for incorporating them into daily meals. The brand firmly believes that sweet potatoes should transcend their traditional role as a holiday treat and become a year-round staple in every kitchen.

With the Global Produce Show just around the corner, Bako Sweet invites all attendees to visit booth #4083 to see their full line of value-added and bulk products and explore the exciting possibilities of sweet potatoes. This year’s harvest quality and the brand’s dedication to making sweet potatoes a year-round delight, promise to be a sweet success.

For more information about Bako Sweet, visit or contact the sales team at or 661-858-1075 x818 to place an order.

About Bako Sweet®

For more than 75 years Country Sweet Produce, grower-packer-shipper of consumer brand Bako Sweet®, has been growing sweet potatoes in the country’s richest soil in the southern San Joaquin Valley of California, also known as “California’s Sweet Spot.” This land produces some of the best-tasting sweet potatoes on the market. Over the years, Bako Sweet has perfected the growing and harvesting process to ensure the highest quality and consistently-sized sweet potatoes. Today, Bako Sweet focuses on providing the largest variety of value-added, conveniently packaged sweet potatoes, as well as bulk sweet potatoes and specialty offerings. For more information about Bako Sweet, visit