Bee Sweet’s Specialty Citrus Available for Valentine’s Day Promotions

FOWLER, Calif., – As California’s citrus domestic season continues to roll out exotic varieties, Cara Cara Navels and Blood Oranges are currently available for Valentine’s Day promotions.

“A perfect blend of taste and appeal, Cara Cara Navels and Blood Oranges are perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday,” said Bee Sweet Citrus Director of Communications Monique

Bienvenue. “Both varieties are popular for their bright, colorful flesh and unique flavor profiles.”

First discovered in Venezuela in 1976, Cara Cara Navels are a natural phenomenon. While the fruit’s exterior looks like that of a Navel orange, its interior is far from normal. Less acidic than most citrus varieties and known for its sweet, raspberry-like flavor, Cara Cara Navels are perfect as an everyday snack, or as an ingredient for upscale culinary dishes.

“Cara Caras aren’t just a delicious citrus variety, they are a nutritional powerhouse,” continued Bienvenue. “The fruit’s attractive pink color comes from lycopene, a naturally occurring pigment and powerful antioxidant. Antioxidant rich foods, like Cara Caras, have been known to help reverse skin damage and can help contribute to a healthy immune system.”

In addition to its antioxidant properties, Cara Cara navels have approximately 20% more vitamin C than regular Navel oranges. 

Another variety worth noting for its physical characteristics are Blood Oranges. With its blushed rind and stunning red flesh, Blood Oranges easily stand-out amongst its citrus counterparts. 

“Blood oranges are as tasty as they are photogenic,” added Bienvenue. “The fruit’s unique color comes from the pigment, anthocyanins. Like lycopene, anthocyanins also act as powerful antioxidants and its berry-like flavor make them perfect for dessert and cocktail recipes.” 

Although the origins of Blood Oranges are unknown, many speculate that they come from the beautiful countryside of Sicily. A medium sized orange, Blood Oranges are pleasantly sweet and are a great source of vitamin C and fiber.

Blood Oranges are available now until March, and Cara Cara Navels are available until April. For more information, please contact a Bee Sweet Citrus sales representative at 559-834-4200 or visit our website at 


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