FAM Tridis 180 Brings Vegetable Processors Versatility and Room for Growth

FAM, European market leader specialized in cutting solutions for the food industry, will reveal its brand-new FAM Tridis™ 180 and FAM Tridis™ 180P during the Fruit Logistica exhibition held in Berlin. These innovative tridimensional dicers are specifically designed to help processors of fresh vegetables, IQF vegetables and fruits and potato processors reach perfect cut quality at medium-high volumes.

The name already gives it away: the machines are produced by FAM, thus guaranteed to be high-quality. The cutting principle is based on the proven cutting technology of the FAM Tridis 240, a very successful high capacity dicer in use by many leading food processors. Obstruction-free product flow and minimal cutting zone length allow the FAM Tridis 180 to run at a higher velocity, while ensuring ultimate cut quality. And the inside of the impeller wheel is large enough to accept a 180 mm long product in any dimension. This feature contributes to the ability to make excellent and long cuts.

The FAM Tridis 180 delivers perfect cut quality on soft products such as peach, mango and pear or hard root vegetables such as carrot, beet, onion and potato. Its nonidentical twin FAM Tridis 180P is designed for the processing of potatoes in French fries, small sticks and dices. It produces a very clean cut of flat and crinkle French fries of white and sweet potatoes, at medium-high volumes. But the versatility doesn’t end at the range of products that can be perfectly cut. A wide range of cut sizes is available, from 3 up to 25 mm in dices and strips, flat and crinkle shapes. Changing of cutting tools is done fast and easily with the cartridge system.

The new dicer can achieve medium-high capacities from 1 500 kg per hour on 3 mm dices and up to 6 tons per hour on 10 mm dices, depending on the type of product. Therefore, it is a perfect addition to the other FAM dicers: the lower capacity FAM Dorphy™ and the high capacity FAM Tridis 240.

The FAM Tridis 180 will be revealed during Fruit Logistica, February 6 -8 in Berlin, Germany.

More information: www.fam.be

About FAM

FAM focuses on the development of industrial cutting machines for the food industry. We provide customers with the solutions they need for the cutting, slicing and dicing of fruit, vegetables & nuts, cheese, meat & poultry, fish, potato chips and French fries. Over the past 60 years, we established a long-lasting close cooperation with highly reliable influential companies, customers and partners in the industrial food processing market. We are present in all continents, with customers experience centers, stocks and service. The precision blades used in the FAM cutting machines are produced by sister company Stumabo International, assuring gentle cutting and long lifetime. Our combined knowledge of the key issues faced by the food industry allows us to present you exactly those innovations and revolutions you have been looking for. Find out more on www.fam.be