Star Ruby Grapefruit Available for Seasonal Demand

FOWLER, Calif., – As temperatures begin to rise in California’s Central Valley, the Bee Sweet Citrus team has turned its focus to Star Ruby Grapefruit as a key player in the company’s seasonal line. 

“Star Ruby Grapefruit are in season now, and the fruit’s quality has been nothing short of excellent,” stated Bee Sweet Citrus Vice President of Farming Keith Watkins. “As the season changes, we’ve seen a rising demand for grapefruit and we’re positive that consumers will be satisfied with its taste and quality.”

A nutritional powerhouse, Bee Sweet’s Star Ruby Grapefruit are perfect for anybody looking to add healthy fruits into their diet. With its high-fiber and high-water content, this citrus variety is an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium. Consumers can enjoy them as a snack, as an addition to breakfast meals or as a tangy ingredient to salads, cocktails and more. 

“Star Ruby Grapefruit are especially sweet and juicy in the late winter and early spring,” continued Watkins. “Consumers can distinguish them apart from other grapefruit varieties with their blushed rind and dark, red internal color.”

Harvested in Southern Central Valley, Star Ruby Grapefruit are the deepest colored of all red grapefruit varieties. With few to no seeds, they’re less acidic than other grapefruit varieties and are perfect for consumers who enjoy sweet, tangy flavor. 

All of Bee Sweet’s Star Ruby Grapefruit are packaged in new, high-graphic bags and cartons. To learn more about this variety or about Bee Sweet’s seasonal line, please call a sales representative at 559-834-4200, or visit 


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