B&W Quality Growers Launches New Leafy Green Premium Blend Exclusively to Foodservice Operators

Fellsmere, Fla. – B&W Quality Growers, the world’s largest grower of distinctive baby leaves, has launched a new powerhouse blend of greens that is now available to foodservice operators nationwide.

B&W’s new Premium Blend is inspiring chefs and restaurateurs to elevate their salad creations with its flavorful combination of leafy reds and greens mixed with watercress. The crisp leaves that deliver an impressive crunch are available year-round from seasonal farms spanning eight states, and boast nutritional benefits with immunity-boosting ingredients and dynamic flavors that customers demand.  

With over 150 years of experience growing highly perishable and prized baby leaves, B&W has perfected its Premium Blend that is not only resilient to the most acidic dressings and complex toppings, but also holds a substantial shelf life while arriving to chefs triple washed and ready-to-eat.

“Our new Premium Blend is a direct result of our company prioritizing the needs of our foodservice customers. We take pride in the relationships that we have built with chefs and restaurant operators and are in tune with culinary trends that will help them create innovative and impressive dishes.” says Mark DeLeo, CEO, B&W Quality Growers. “This versatile new blend has become available during a time that people are prioritizing their health—so we are excited to provide these super leaves that not only taste delicious, but also support a healthy lifestyle.”

The colorful Premium Blend is now available to ship and comes in 1.5 lb bags that preserve the freshness and flavor of the product.  For information about B&W Quality Growers, visit www.bwqualitygrowers.com or call 772-571-0800 to place an order.

About B&W Quality Growers
For over 150 years, B&W Quality Growers has produced distinctive baby leaves® with unique flavor profiles including green watercress, exclusive red watercress, baby arugula and baby spinach. With year-round availability from seasonal farms spanning eight states, B&W grows, packs and ships premium quality leaves to retail, wholesale, foodservice and specialty customers across North America and Europe.  B&W’s products are food safety compliant and naturally packed for maximum freshness. Learn more about B&W at www.bwqualitygrowers.com.