Calavo Growers Partners With Apeel For Longer Lasting Avocados

SANTA PAULA, CA – Calavo Growers, Inc. a worldwide leader of fresh avocados since 1924, is partnering with Apeel, creators of the innovative plant-based solution which enhances the shelf life of avocados and other types of produce.  As a pioneer and category leader in fresh avocados, Calavo has always been on the cutting edge of delivering customized ripening programs to retail and foodservice customers. The partnership with Apeel provides a new and unique option for customers seeking an end-to-end solution to extend avocado shelf life through to consumers. 

Apeel’s plant-based technology creates a protective and edible “peel” on the outside of the avocado that keeps moisture inside and keeps oxygen out, allowing for longer shelf life of everyone’s favorite fruit. The technology maintains the freshness, flavor and quality that Calavo avocados are known for, and extends the window of peak ripeness.  Ultimately, less at-home spoilage is realized for consumers, and fewer avocados end up as food waste.

“Teaming up with Apeel to extend shelf life and transportability of Calavo’s premium avocados was a natural fit with our solution-based business approach,” stated Rob Wedin, executive vice president of fresh sales for Calavo. “We pride ourselves on providing customers with options to fit their unique business strategies and challenges.  With Apeel, retailers can experience less shrink and the ability to maintain avocado displays that are ripe and ready-to-eat. Quality, flavor and ripeness retained longer, consumers have more time to enjoy their avocados after bringing them home from the store.”

Calavo’s partnership with Apeel also supports the company’s sustainability strategy. The consideration and commitment to long-term ecological balance, environmental soundness and social equity throughout the enterprise are key strategic elements. Utilizing Apeel’s technology to combat food waste supports many of the company’s sustainability initiatives and contributes to their overall mission in serving as good stewards of the communities in which Calavo operates. 

About Calavo Growers, Inc.:

Calavo Growers, Inc. is a global avocado-industry leader and provider of value-added fresh food, serving retail grocery, foodservice, club stores, mass merchandisers, food distributors and wholesalers worldwide. The Company’s Fresh segment procures and markets fresh avocados and select other fresh produce, including tomatoes and Hawaiian papayas. The Renaissance Food Group (RFG) segment creates, markets and distributes a portfolio of healthy, fresh foods, including fresh-cut fruit, fresh-cut vegetables and prepared foods. The Foods segment manufactures and distributes guacamole and salsa. Founded in 1924, Calavo’s fresh food products are sold under the respected Calavo brand name as well as Garden Highway, Chef Essentials in addition to private label and store brands.  For more information, please visit

About Apeel:

Apeel is on a mission to create a more sustainable global food system by using the power of nature to enable longer-lasting produce that fights food waste from farm to kitchen. Apeel produce lasts two times longer thanks to its plant-based protection made from materials found in the peels, seeds, and pulp of all fruits and vegetables. Apeel’s protective extra “peel” slows the water loss and oxidation that cause produce to go bad, and is the only proven end-to end solution for maintaining freshness. Available for organic and conventionally grown produce, Apeel is expanding into an ever-growing number of categories and markets. Good for consumers and the planet, Apeel reduces environmental impacts and gives everyone throughout the supply chain— from growers to retailers to consumers—more time to enjoy fresh produce. Farmers can sell more of what they grow and people can consume more of what they buy, creating a healthier planet and greater abundance for all. Apeel is Food Gone Good. Apeel is a trademark/registered trademark of Apeel Technology, Inc. in the United States, the European Union, and other jurisdictions. To learn more, visit