Giumarra Announces New Partnership With Leading Blueberry Company CarSol Group

LOS ANGELES – The Giumarra Companies announces a new partnership with Santiago, Chile-based CarSol Group, a large grower and distributor of blueberries from Chile and Peru. The venture is a key part of the company’s ongoing initiative to increase its berry business and secure supplies with grower partners.

“This partnership represents an important step in Giumarra’s commitment to our berry business,” said Tom Richardson, Senior Vice President of Global Development for the Giumarra Companies. “As one of the early producers of blueberries in Chile, CarSol Group played a critical role in the development of the Chilean blueberry industry, dating back to the industry’s origins in 1990. The company’s commitment to high-quality products and industry innovation aligns with Giumarra’s core values.”

CarSol Group farms approximately 1,200 hectares of its own blueberry production throughout major growing regions in Chile, Peru, and Portugal.

Mr. Richardson noted that the venture will bring access to exciting new blueberry genetics and consistent volume growth encompassing the entire import season, with high-quality product from committed growers with whom the company has existing long-term relationships.

“We have worked with the Giumarra Companies as commercial partners and we are ready to take this relationship to the next level. We believe that both companies share the same values and principles, and it has been a pleasure to conduct business with them over the years,” said Sebastián Carmona, CEO of CarSol Export. “This partnership represents the commitment of our company to become a year-round supplier in all markets. We are convinced that the knowledge of the U.S. market by the Giumarra team combined with our experience in other markets will allow both companies to continue developing the berry business in North America.”

Giumarra International Berry offers a 52-week supply of blueberries and blackberries from domestic and international growers packed under the Nature’s Partner brand.

About the Giumarra Companies

The Giumarra Companies is a leading international network of fresh produce growers, distributors, and marketers that encompasses a world of freshness. Since its inception in 1922, the Giumarra group of companies has taken pride in a longstanding commitment and tradition of quality, service, and industry leadership to feed the world in a healthy way. Products packed under the company’s Nature’s Partner label represent some of the highest-quality fruits and vegetables in the marketplace, having met strict standards for food safety, quality control, and flavor. Visit us at

About CarSol Group

Founded by the Carrasco-Solar Family more than 30 years ago in Chile, CarSol Group is one of the pioneers of Chilean blueberry production. Now a global berry company, it supplies own-production blueberries year round from its operations in Chile, Peru, and Portugal, and is one of Chile’s largest berry exporters. Since its creation, the company has been steadily extending its productive and commercial window, with local presence in Europe, Asia, and now North America with its newest partnership with the Giumarra Companies.


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