Campos Borquez Driving Healthy Growth With New Brand Partnerships

Scottsdale, Arizona – Campos Borquez, the premium supplier of organic, regenerative super-foods is pleased to announce new partnerships with like-minded brands Suja Juice and Evolution Fresh.

Building off of Campos Borquez’s commitment to work hand-in-hand with organizations that operate under social responsibility and organic certifications, these partner relationships further strengthen the company’s core brand values. 

“The new channels of business with Suja Juice and Evolution Fresh will not only strengthen our long-term goals and growth but, more importantly, they further fortify our company’s mission to provide Meaningful Produce and encapsulates the purpose that goes into our products, partners, and people,” stated Campos Borquez Executive Vice President, Sergio Borquez. 

“By strategically aligning with brands who promote and support a healthy lifestyle, we are able to further amplify the message, availability, and distribution of fair trade, organic and sustainable fruits and vegetables.”

Campos Borquez regenerative broccoli and celery are now available in select Suja Juice and Evolution Fresh products and can be purchased directly from the brands’ website and national retailers.  

About Campos Borquez
Campos Borquez is a leading grower and global distributor of premium organic superfoods. Four generations strong, Campos Borquez is family-owned, vertically integrated and prides itself on regenerative farming and social responsibility. Based in Sonora, Mexico, we believe in dignified partnerships with our colaboradores and retailers and are committed to providing the most sustainable, tastiest and healthiest produce available. For more information, please visit: