D’Arrigo California Launches Andy Boy Romaine’s My Love Campaign

Salinas, CA: It’s summer time and families across the country are spending more time outdoors cooking on the grill and enjoying smoothies, fresh salads and wraps to curve calories.  D’Arrigo California, a premier grower, packer and shipper of the Andy Boy label has launched a Romaine’s My Love campaign that includes an array of romaine recipes that are healthy, tasty and easy to make.

“The goal of the Romaine’s My Love campaign is to educate consumers on the versatility of using romaine in cold or hot dishes.  Starting the week of July 20th our social media content will promote recipes, health benefits, romaine field tour videos that will include harvesting and packing, recipe videos, fun gifs and more,” stated Claudia Pizarro-Villalobos, D’Arrigo California Marketing and Communications.   The increased awareness of keeping it green with romaine allows consumers to get creative when cooking with romaine hearts this summer.  The campaign will inspire consumers with fun, easy and healthy recipes that the whole family will fall in ‘love’ with.  

Romaine is not only an extremely versatile veggie to cook with but contains an array of health benefits to boost your immunity.  Romaine contains essential minerals, such as calcium (vital for bone health), magnesium (regulates a healthy heart rhythm), and potassium (aids in carb digestion).  Romaine is packed with vitamin C (formation of collagen), vitamin K (aids in blood clotting), and folate (converts carbohydrates into energy).  So, pumping up your immunity just got easier this summer, all you need to do is increase your consumption of romaine and it starts one leaf at a time. 

Romaine only contains 10 calories per cup, you can eat large portions knowing you are consuming healthy fuel food to boost your immunity.  In addition, romaine lettuce has a high-water content, which helps you feel full quicker and satiated. The outer leaves are dark green, have a thicker texture and can have a slightly bitter taste.  The inner leaves are paler in color, crisp, crunchy and have a sweeter taste. 

You can add romaine to your breakfast (smoothie), lunch (sandwich, soup, wrap) or dinner (salad, veggie stir-fry) which makes it a versatile vegetable.   A summer favorite is adding romaine to the grill and capturing the smoky flavors in the leaves.  Visit our Andy Boy website at www.andyboy.com to find recipes that will be a hit at your next family meal. 

Be sure to ‘romaine’ healthy this summer and eat a balanced diet with plenty of water and exercise.  If you need some culinary inspiration to keep it green with romaine check out the Andy Boy Romaine’s My Love campaign on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter

Versatile Romaine Recipe Ideas for the Whole Family: