Envy Apples Spotlighted as a Perfect Pick For Spring Brunch and Mother’s Day in New Partnership With Kitchn

Los Angeles – Envy™ apples is joining the popular food and lifestyle media outlet Kitchn in celebrating the best of brunch this spring as part of Kitchn’s first-ever Brunch Fest virtual event. Kitchn established Brunch Fest as “one big (virtual) brunch party” culminating in an all-day takeover on May 2 of its Instagram channel, @thekitchn, which boasts 1.4 Million followers. The online hub for Kitchn at thekitchn.com draws 16.4 Million unique monthly visitors/viewers and earns 45 Million monthly pageviews (Source: Comscore February 2021). When it comes to brunch, the editors at Kitchn note a growing trend as their brunch content has seen a 178% year-over-year increase in reader traffic. (Source: Pars.ly 2019/2020)

Faith Durand, Kitchn’s editor-in-chief, notes, “From making pancakes with the kids on Saturday mornings to frittatas and mimosas with the best of friends, brunch foods are the ultimate in connection and warmth. This spring, with our first ever Brunch Fest social takeover, we’re celebrating the dishes and drinks that wake us up, bring our families together, and give us a reason to say cheers with the people we love.”

Envy™ apples are a natural partner in this high-profile social extravaganza. They are a perfect pick for upscale brunch recipes with their sophisticated sweetness, extraordinary crunch, and shareable size. Envy™ has been promoted in a wide array of brunch recipes ranging from sweet to savory, and as spring brunch season approaches, Envy™ marketing and PR efforts remind shoppers about their versatile usage in late-morning meals.

Promotion for Brunch Fest has begun, and Envy™ apples are featured on Kitchn’s social and digital properties to inspire millions of consumers to include the premium apple in their brunch recipes, especially as Mother’s Day approaches on May 9, a pinnacle holiday for brunch.

As part of the May 2 Brunch Fest program, Envy™ will be featured in a live recipe demonstration led by Brunch Fest guest star, Kate Wood of Wood and Spoon, alongside Kitchn’s Assistant Food Editor Nicole Rufus.  In addition, an interactive game on Kitchn’s Instagram stories will showcase Envy™ in a variety of tasty brunch recipes. Consumers will learn how Envy’s™ delightfully crisp crunch, beautifully balanced sweetness, large size, and slices that naturally stay whiter for longer set the table for the ultimate brunch experience.

In addition to the day-of-event activity, display ads throughout the Kitchn site will raise awareness of Envy™ apples, and the Envy™ apple brunch recipe will be presented on the website along with shoppable links that make it easy to add Envy™ to online shopping orders. T&G Global, owner of the Envy™ apple brand, is supporting the effort with additional digital advertising, social media content, and a public relations push for an overall effort that is expected to exceed 200 million impressions this spring.

A brunch themed website was created by T&G Global at EnvyForBrunch.com that highlights a range of on-trend brunch recipes to suit palates that prefer sweet or savory. A Mother’s Day giveaway will be conducted on the website and on Instagram, wherein Envy™ apple fans will have a chance to win a $200 gift card and a 6-pack of Envy™ apples for themselves as well as for an honored mom in their life, inclusive of the entrant’s own mother, a spouse, other family member, or a friend.

Cecilia Flores Paez, T&G Global head of marketing for North America noted, “Envy™ apples’ year-round seasonality naturally lends them to having a starring role in a variety of seasonal recipes. With their premium quality, gorgeous red skin, and large size they are a prized addition to brunch menus. As families begin to spend time together in person this spring, Mother’s Day 2021 is an especially joyous time for gathering around a sunny Sunday brunch table together with only the best ingredients.”

Envy™ is marketed by CMI Orchards, Rainier Fruit Co. and Oppy. 

For more information, contact Cecilia Flores Paez:   

T&G Head of Marketing, North America  


+1 (310) 291-5583 



T&G Global works with passionate growers around the world to produce, sell and deliver the highest-quality fruit. We love fresh produce, so we’re constantly exploring ways to make it more sustainable, fresh and delicious, to help people lead healthier lifestyles. T&G is a leader in the premium apple segment with its Envy™ and JAZZ™ branded varieties.     


Envy™ is a trademarked brand that refers to the Scilate apple variety. It was developed in New Zealand by Plant and Food Research, and was patented in 2009. T&G, which owns the Envy™ trademark, began distributing in the U.S. via its marketing partner Oppy. Envy™ is now grown, under license by T&G, in New Zealand, the U.S., Chile, Asia, the UK, France and Australia. Envy™ is marketed in the U.S. by Oppy, CMI Orchards and Rainier Fruit Co. 


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