Epic Flavor and Monster Crunch of SnapDragon Apples Now Back in Stores  

Buffalo Bills partnership helps punt SnapDragon revenue up nearly 42% 

Lockport, New York — Crunch Time Apple Growers, a group of more than 150 apple growers across New York State, have begun harvesting this year’s crop of SnapDragon™ apples — the Official Apple of the Buffalo Bills. The first boxes of hand-picked apples are now arriving in stores nationwide.

“We’re looking forward to another exciting year of delivering many consumers’ favorite apple to stores,” said Jessica Wells, Crunch Time Apple Growers executive director. “Last season, sales revenue was up nearly 42% compared to the previous year. We are thrilled to see continued growth and demand for SnapDragon apples and are looking forward to another successful year.”

For SnapDragon apples the future is bright, as Crunch Time finds new ways to get the apples into the hands of current and future fans. Last season, the sale of SnapDragon apples in Buffalo, NY was up 60% thanks in large part to the Buffalo Bills partnership. While a couple of weather events kept harvest volume from growing this year, added acreage is expected to yield a larger crop in future seasons with strong growing conditions.

Consumers can expect SnapDragon apples at Aldi, Costco, The Fresh Market, H-E-B, Publix Stop & Shop, ShopRite, Tops, Wegmans, Walmart, and many other great retailers in the coming days and weeks.

SnapDragon apples were developed by Dr. Susan Brown of Cornell University in Geneva, NY. For more information on where to buy SnapDragon apples, visit snapdragonapple.com.

About SnapDragon Apples

When you bite into a SnapDragon apple, you’re not just tasting an incredible apple but the incredible love and labor of over 150 family growers across New York State. Carefully grown, every SnapDragon apple is full of epic flavor and monster crunch, with a sweet and snappy taste. SnapDragon apples are the perfect apple for snacking on the go, refueling after a workout and pair well with nut butters and cheeses. For more information, please visit snapdragonapple.com.