Get Inspired in the Kitchen With Tasteful Selections New Campaign, Creativity in a Small Bite

Arvin, Calif. — Don’t allow your meals to get boring, find creativity in small bites, with the next theme of Tasteful Selections’ Small-Bite Campaign.

Over the course of the next two months, follow Tasteful Selections and all the small-bite inspiration! With quick cook times, thin skins and consistent sizing, Tasteful Selections’ flavorful bite-size potatoes will be ready in minutes—providing consumers with the flexibility to get creative in the kitchen.

“Nutritious, convenient and versatile, Tasteful Selections bite-size potatoes are the perfect addition to any meal,” said RPE Marketing Director Tim Huffcutt. “Think of bite-size potatoes in a whole new way with new, flavorful and innovative recipes, like Korean Potato Wraps, Patio Bruschetta Potatoes, and more.”

In this new theme, consumers can win a creativity package, which includes free potatoes, a Wacom Bamboo Slate Smart pad Digital Notebook, Kitchen Creativity Cookbook, a Veggie/Potato Spiralizer kit and more.

“We want to share just how creative you can get with bite-size potatoes,” said RPE President Russell Wysocki. “In the next theme of our Small-bite Campaign, “Creativity in a small bite”, we hope to cultivate new ideas to bring to you your family’s meals.”

See how Tasteful Selections can inspire your creative side in 2019—visit!

About Tasteful Selections

Tasteful Selections, LLC is a vertically integrated family-owned collection of farms— pioneering and leading the bite-size potato category. To ensure their high standards of quality, flavor and freshness, Tasteful Selections owns and operates the entire process of planting, growing, harvesting and packaging. Field to fork fresh in every bite.

About RPE

Category leader RPE is a grower/shipper of year-round potatoes and onions, providing category innovation and retail solutions as the exclusive sales and marketing partner of Tasteful Selections and its best-quality, bite-size potatoes.