Measure to Improve, LLC Rolls Out New Core Programs and Services

The fresh produce industry’s go-to sustainability experts continue to walk the talk on sustainability.

Following their annual strategic planning meeting in January 2023, which featured industry leaders, government officials, and retail influencers, Measure to Improve, LLC (MTI) identified several initiatives for the company to achieve in 2023. To date, MTI has achieved B Corporation TM Certification, completed an industrywide pilot program, and is now proud to roll out a suite of services developed to help companies achieve their sustainability goals. 

The five Core Programs and Services are a full suite of solutions addressing sustainability needs unique to growers, shippers, and processors in the fresh produce industry. The five programs developed and refined by industry partners are tried, tested, and have proven results.

  1. The Sustainability Certification Support program guides clients through every step to achieving certification, from selecting the right standard to preparing documentation and completing an audit. Custom tools and templates leverage MTI’s team of experts, so clients can be confident the program provides what they need to exceed the certification’s requirements and standards year after year.
  1. Buyer Survey Support allows MTI clients to respond accurately, completely, and confidently to buyer sustainability surveys. By developing systems and training clients, MTI creates processes that allow staff to complete surveys more efficiently and utilize what they learn to solve business problems, improve operations, and tell their company’s sustainability story.
  1. The Sustainability Strategy Planning Service helps clients identify, prioritize, and communicate their current sustainability efforts and target sustainability improvements that align with company values and have a strong business case.
  1. Regenerative Agriculture Services is a customized program and approach to help clients identify and develop a customized regenerative agriculture program approach that identifies and describes existing practices, opportunities for increasing the adoption of regenerative practices, and metrics for measuring progress.
  1. Zero Waste/Waste Reduction Support Programs guide clients to establish a Zero Waste Program by providing the tools, resources, and training to confidently manage waste. MTI trains clients to evaluate current waste management operations and discover new ways to reduce waste generation, recycle more material generated, and partner with vendors to give unused material a second life.

“It is important to note that we never build a program prior to having a client that has a need or wants to focus on that topic. We have always worked with real clients on a new topic so that we understand the challenges, what works, what is practical, and what isn’t. We strive to find real solutions that work for the industry. These core programs and services are a product of that,” says Nikki Cossio, CEO and Founder, MTI.

“MTI not only focuses on providing excellent services, but also training, educating and empowering clients to take over where MTI’s team leaves off,” adds Nikki. “The best reflection of the work we do is to have a client take what we do, own it, make it better, and allow us to support the next area.”  These core programs, along with the recent case study completed with industry partners, are all readily available for review and download on the company’s updated website.

About Measure to Improve, LLC:

Measure to Improve, LLC (MTI) is a sustainability consulting firm founded in 2014 by Nikki Cossio. MTI’s dedicated staff have a proven track record of helping companies identify and implement strategies to increase resource efficiency, validate results, and communicate sustainability efforts. MTI offers comprehensive sustainability solutions for the produce industry and specializes in helping clients take a proactive approach to sustainability throughout their operations, which strengthens brand marketability, reveals cost savings, and mitigates risk.

To learn more about Measure to Improve, visit or connect with Measure to Improve, LLC on Facebook or LinkedIn.