Midwest Family Brands Team Up for Consumer Promotion American Cookware & Michigan Asparagus Launch “Cooking the American Dream”

Dewitt, Mich. – The Michigan AsparagusAdvisory Board (MAAB) has partnered with American Kitchen to launch “Cooking the American Dream”, a two week social media promotion highlighting the value of American grown and American made food and cookware.

The online promotion aims to connect consumers with the fundamental values of good food, prepared in quality ways thanks to the hardwork and skill of the farmers and craftsman that grow our food and create our kitchen ware. And not to be taken for granted, the appetizing and nutritious flavor of Michigan Asparagus that is leveled up through the use of high-quality kitchen products.

May & June are peak season for Michigan Asparagus and the online promotion will encourage followers, along with their friends and family to like, comment, and share in hopes of winning several American Kitchen premium cookware prizes and Michigan Asparagus swag.

Jamie Clover Adams, executive director of the MAAB remarked, “I truly believe consumers want to be connected with family owned businesses that make high quality products and the Michigan Asparagus industry is delighted to be working with a company that is not only rooted in the Midwest, but shares the long-standing family values and history, just like our asparagus farmers.” Clover Adams continued, “Our goal is to work with brands that share the same sense of pride and commitment to quality and it’s a great synergy when we can translate that into greater use of Michigan Asparagus.”

The promotion will run June 8 – June 22, 2023 and consumers will have the chance to win one set of three nonstick skillet sets from American Kitchen and high-end kitchen swag from Michigan Asparagus. American Kitchen and the MAAB will be uploading collaborative posts and shared content to promote the contest. For more information, please visit landing page or follow American Kitchen and the MAAB social media pages on American Kitchen Cookware FacebookAmerican Kitchen Cookware InstagramMichigan Asparagus Facebook, and Mia Asparagus Instagram.

About the Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board
The Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board (MAAB) promotes the production and consumption of Michigan asparagus nationwide. The organization is dedicated to sharing the virtues of asparagus, while also assisting with agricultural research and the development of asparagus farming. The MAAB is funded by Michigan Asparagus growers. 

About American Kitchen                                                                                                                                        

Here at American Kitchen, we know that our table is only as good as those sitting around it. But we also know that having good food sitting on it can’t hurt either. That’s why we take pride in every piece of cookware that we’ve made right here in Wisconsin over the past four generations. American Kitchen began building its table over 100 years ago with the Reigle family, which means that, like cooking, manufacturing our products is a labor of love.