Southern Specialties’ Carlos Solf Announced as East Coast Chairman of PAIA

January 12, 2024 Southern Specialties

Southern Specialties, Inc. announced Carlos Solf, vice president of procurement  for Southern Specialties, assumes the role of PAIA co-chairman East Coast for 2024-2025. The West Coast co-chairman is Craig Rolandelli of JMB.

2023 Michigan Asparagus Season Wrapping Up, Highlights Key Wins of Spring Summer Promotions

July 7, 2023 Michigan Asparagus

As the Michigan Asparagus season ends, retail promotions, a new website, social promotions and a giveaway collaboration mark key highlights of the 2023 season.

Peruvian Asparagus Importers Association: Asparagus Production Woes for 2023

Peruvian Asparagus Importers Association discussed the asparagus industry 2023 production difficulties at their June 22nd, PAIA Board Meeting, in Miami Florida.  

Midwest Family Brands Team Up for Consumer Promotion American Cookware & Michigan Asparagus Launch “Cooking the American Dream”

The Michigan AsparagusAdvisory Board (MAAB) has partnered with American Kitchen to launch “Cooking the American Dream”, a two week social media promotion highlighting the value of American grown and American made food and cookware.

2023 Michigan Asparagus Season Kicks Off

The Michigan Asparagus season is almost here, and consumers are excited to head into stores to incorporate this popular summer vegetable into their meal plans. Harvest preparation is underway, and growers are working diligently to deliver fresh asparagus from the field to retail shelves. This year’s crop promises thick, tender, and firm asparagus – all signs of a nutritious and flavorful harvest.