Applewood Fresh Michigan Asparagus Season Underway

The Michigan Asparagus season saw a slight delay with cooler temperatures, but growers at Applewood Fresh are set to start shipping the week of May 25 until the end of June. This is a tight window for the harvesting season, but overall the company is looking at quality product for the season, weather dependent.

Baja Son Growers Summer Asparagus Harvest Underway

May 18, 2020 Baja Son Growers

Baja Son Growers began harvesting their asparagus crops on May 1st out of Central Mexico. While supplies are picking up they’re encouraging customers to take advantage of various ad opportunities through the month of June.

Peruvian Asparagus Importer’s Association Anticipates Peak Season

With the fresh Peruvian asparagus peak season upcoming, we have already started with a steady crop that will initiate creativity and freshness across the United States consumers’ shopping bags – whether consumers buy on-line or in-store.

JMB Launches New Website Ahead of Their Summer Asparagus Program

Jacobs, Malcolm & Burtt (JMB) has launched their brand new website to coincide with their upcoming summer asparagus program. The new site is a representation of how the company has continued to grow on and off the fields.

Southern Specialties’ Asparagus and Brussels Sprouts From Mexico

February 27, 2020 Southern Specialties

Southern Specialties, Inc. announced the company’s Mexican asparagus and Brussels sprouts deals are into promotable volumes.