Monterey Mushrooms Launches Sizzling Sautés Mushroom Kits

WATSONVILLE, CA | Monterey Mushrooms, the largest mushroom grower in America, is launching a new product line this summer, Sizzling Sautés™ Mushroom Kits.
Sizzling Sautés™ Mushroom Kits are recipe ready, 13.5 ounce packages of Sliced Baby Bellas, high in vitamin D, with sauce packets that combine to make Sizzling Sautés™ an easy side dish, protein topper, or meat replacement.
Available in three flavors, Fajita, Teriyaki, and Thai, the Sizzling Sautés™ Mushroom Kits were created to make cooking easier for shoppers’ busy lifestyles without sacrificing flavor and nutrition, said Bruce Knobeloch, vice president of marketing and product development.

“These quick and delicious side dishes are the perfect meat replacement,” Knobeloch said. “The vegan and plant-based dietary movements continue to grow, and our research shows shoppers are looking for expanding options in this category.”

Some 57 percent of heavy mushroom users are less than frequent meat eaters. Coupled with the fact that 38 percent of shoppers say they prefer to buy pre-cut and packaged mushrooms to save time. 

“We understand shoppers want to whip up a flavorful and nutritious meal in less time, so we have taken care of the time-consuming part — slicing and spicing,” Knobeloch said. “Sizzling Sautés™ Mushroom Kits are the umami side dish solution.”

To help shoppers find Sizzling Sautés™ Mushroom Kits, the company recommends merchandising them as part of the meal solution category in addition to placement in their natural home, the mushroom set of the fresh produce department.

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About Monterey Mushrooms
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