MountainKing Finds High-Impact Display Sleeves Generate Double-Digit Retail Sales Increase

HOUSTON, TX – Just as quick-service restaurants use enticing menu board images to drive sales of combo meals, double-meat burgers, jumbo-sized slushies and other selections, retail grocers are relying on the same concept to capture the attention of shoppers seeking a suitable side dish for their next prepared, at-home meal.

            “If we suggestively sell a product in its end use, it just makes sense that shoppers are more likely to follow through with purchasing that item as part of their overall meal preparation,” explains Andreas Trettin, marketing director for MountainKing, the Texas-based grower and packer which recently studied the impact of meal solution-focused retail display sleeves on fresh potato sales.

            According to the company’s research, represented by a combination of customer feedback and industry reports, fresh potato sales increase 21 percent with the use of high-graphic display sleeves depicting a particular meal.

            “The sleeves are especially impactful at a secondary display by the meat counter or in the seafood department,” Trettin adds.

            MountainKing’s display sleeves present images of various meal possibilities with the company’s different potato varieties, Trettin explains.  He adds the meal solution tools are designed to capture the attention of today’s shopper looking for ingredients for a particular meal.

            For its popular Steakhouse Roasters, MountainKing produced a display sleeve featuring two large steaks simmering over an open fire.  Other high-impact sleeves include imagery of freshly whipped mashed potatoes for its Gold varieties; a fresh seafood dish for MountainKing’s B-Reds and Baby Reds; and a boiling pot of fresh crawfish for its Crawfish B-Reds.

“Frankly, we weren’t surprised with the sales increase figures,” Trettin adds.  “We’ve received positive feedback from our retail partners for quite some time.  They’re very pleased with the results.”   

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