New Website Shares Bobalu Berries Vision and Company Story

Bobalu Berry Farms has launched a new website that Bobby and RC Jones, managing partners are very proud to share with customers and their employees. 

This new site has the Jones Brothers stamp all over it sharing their vision for the future and what sets Bobalu apart.  Visitors to the new site will be able to watch several video clips, learn about the company 60 year family history, and subscribe to a weekly e-newsletter called the ‘10oclock walk’.   

The new Bobalu Berries website clearly shares the family roots and serves as one more step plotting the company’s path toward the future.  It is colorful, personal, and captures the passion Bobby and RC Jones carry every day as managing partners.  Once visitors watch the live action pieces, they will see that the Jones brothers don’t spend much time behind a desk.  In fact, on most days you will not find either one of them in an office, but rather in the fields, working side by side with employees, and each other. 

Bobby Jones manages the Oxnard and southern regions, much of the administrative functions and operations of the company, while RC Jones manages the Santa Maria and northern regions along with much of the on-farm decisions.  The two have created a dynamic team along with key staff that is helping to drive the company into the future as they embrace new technology, explore innovation options being introduced and highlight their commitment to employees and the community. 

“Without the ability to travel this year and see customers face to face, we’re excited to share this new website providing an online introduction to our mission and story of who Bobalu Berries is today and where we are going in the future” says Bobby Jones.  “We really enjoyed being part of the new project and having the ability to use this platform to share our story.  This is just the beginning.”, adds RC Jones. 

As the partners look to 2021, they are excited about what is ahead for the company and how they can capitalize on the increasing demand for Bobalu brand strawberries.  Despite the pandemic, the sales team led by Anthony Gallino has made significant progress in introducing the brand to the retail community in 2020 and proving that Bobalu stands for quality, flavor and consistent availability.  The website drives that message home along with putting a face behind the brand now seen in stores across the country.