PMA Statement: CDC and FDA declare 3rd E. coli outbreak over

In response to the CDC’s most recent update to their E. coli outbreak investigation, PMA has shared the following statement:

CDC and FDA declare 3rd E. coli outbreak over

CDC and FDA announced today that the third outbreak of pathogenic E. coli strain REPEXH02 is now over, while FDA indicated that their investigation will continue and a report will be forthcoming.  The investigators expressed confidence that they could connect the strain to leafy greens consumption, but a specific type or brand was not identified. Since the beginning of the outbreak, CDC and FDA have not recommended that consumers avoid any product.

The industry has invested significantly into traceability to facilitate removal of tainted product from commerce. PMA continues to convene experts to identify production practices that have a realistic chance of reducing the risk of contamination and transfer.  The risk will never be zero, but we continue to monitor emerging science-based knowledge and support the leafy greens supply chain as they strive to reduce the risk of foodborne illness.  If we are to get close to that goal, it will require sharing of data and a meaningful collaboration of the partners in the industry, academia and government.  It will also require a systems approach and continued investment into food safety research.