SEPC Announces 2022 Member Scholarship Recipients

Millen, GA – The Southeast Produce Council is pleased to announce this year’s SEPC Member Scholarship recipients. They are proud to award 59 scholarships ($59,000) in 2022 thanks to the dedication of their members.

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Scholarships are awarded to applicants who meet the application criteria of having a parent or grandparent who is a corporate member in good standing with the SEPC and has personally attended at least one SEPC event within the last (12) twelve months. Additionally, applicants must be enrolled as a full-time student with a minimum of 12 semester hours. Applicants are then able to submit the necessary paperwork, including an essay, to be reviewed by members of the SEPC Scholarship Committee.

2022 Essay Topic: SEPC’s theme for 2022 features the “Next Generation of Superheroes”, and it is our hope that with assistance from this scholarship you will one day become one of them. One characteristic of a superhero is their ability to take risks. Tell us about a time in your life when you either had to take a risk or play it safe. Would you do it again?

SEPC Member Scholarship recipients receive one $1,000 scholarship annually. Past recipients are eligible; however, they must have maintained a 3.0 GPA, and first preference is given to new applicants.

Congratulations to the 59 recipients of the 2022 SEPC Member Scholarship:

Kade Adams

Gary Baker

Veronica Baker

Austin Belknap

Kennedy Belknap

Bryan Biederman

Jacob Borda

Ashley Botelho

Hunter Boyette

Ani Brown

Drew Bryner

Lillian Davis

Marco DiLaudo

Tahlia DiLaudo

Brian Dunleavy

Conner Edmondson

Joshua Eubanks

Caroline Fleming

Elizabeth Fleming

Douglas Ford

Maxwell Fuehrer

Michael Fuehrer

Victoria Garrett

Katelyn Goodale

Sydney Hahn

Ellen Hendrix

Emily Lessard

Samantha Masser

Gabrielle Matejowsky

Jacob Neill

Julia Nelsen

Kaylee Nelsen

Frances O’Neal

Olin Paivarinta

Claire Paivarinta-Skands

Haley Pilcher

Julia Rooke

Peyton Rudman

Mariana Sanabria-Padilla

Lily Scott

Hudson Sherrod

Jake Shuman

Chapman Shuman

Mason Shuman

Luke Shuman

Riley St George

Brittany St George

Connor Strady

Sophia Tanner

Robert Temples

Philip Temples

Carlos Visconti

Charles White

Brady Wilkin

Dylan Wilkins

Madison Wing

Sarah Wooten

Kylie Wynne

Madison Wynne


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