Sev-Rend Commits to Service During COVID-19 Outbreak

As the we have seen in the recent news, the COVID-19 Virus has been wreaking havoc on supply chains all over North America.  The need for packaged goods has seen a surge in the past several weeks.  This can stress the intricate parts of this supply chain, such as packaging.  Sev-Rend is committed to helping bridge this gap by playing a critical role in the supply chain by supply packaging materials to safely package food supplies – especially produce.

“We are taking the necessary precautions to protect our workforce” states Greg Petermeyer, COO of Sev-Rend.  “We are following all Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United States Department of Labor, United States Department of Health and Human Services, and Illinois Department of Public Health suggestions to maintain a safe workplace.”

At this time Sev-Rend is operating normally and our partners are still experiencing lead times within our “normal” ranges.  Manufacturing food packaging is an essential business to the already established supply chain and with the current demand we are experiencing the ripple effect from this.  The only variable outside of Sev-Rend’s control is the possibility of raw material delays.  That being said – we are looking to meet this demand head on to support our clients to meet the need of the North American market.

“While we are seeing many new clients asking for RUSH orders, in most cases, we are still able to hit or sometimes beat, their original “off-shore” lead times. At times like this, it’s really nice to add that our products are made in the USA and we still have plenty of opportunity and production space for new business” states Art Vega, VP of Business Development. 

Since the work we are doing is critical to the food supply, Sev-Rend is doing all we can to ensure continuity.  From the safety of our work force to the demand for food packaging materials – Sev-Rend is looking to the future to keep our part of the supply chain in check.  We will continue to monitor federal and state guidelines and if anything were to affect our normal operations we will let our industry partners know.  Stay safe!