Square Roots Opens 4th Vertical Farm in the U.S.

Vertical farming brand, Square Roots, is opening up their fourth farm in Shepherdsville, KY on June 6th.

Square Roots is an indoor farm company using smart-technology to reshape the future of our food system with sustainability at its core. The company’s mission is simple: to bring fresh, delicious, and locally grown produce to consumers in a responsible way that eliminates a lengthy supply chain through…

  • Creating modular, “stackable” farms, made from upcycled storage containers which allows for the production of fresh food year round thanks to the ability to recreate ideal growing conditions with hydroponic growing systems. 
  • Smart-farm technology that contributes to a more responsible footprint; using significantly less land and 90% less water than a traditional farm! 

Looking to transform the global food system one city at a time, Square Roots is tackling the midwest to start – with farms in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and now…Kentucky – with a Transparency Timeline allows customers to trace their greens from seed to shelf and learn about the low environmental footprint of their produce. 

Square Roots has created a partner model in which they co-locate farms with strategic partners (including GFS and UNFI) to work alongside the supply chain rather than against. This eliminates lengthy supply chains and gives back days of freshness to consumers!