Upcoming D3 Crop for Veg-Fresh Farms: Organic Lemons, Grapefruit, Minneolas, Sweet Limes

CORONA, CA – Veg-Fresh Farms Winter citrus season is about to ramp up. The D3 region of Riverside, Coachella Valley and the Imperial Valley is starting this month and will go into early spring. Veg-Fresh Farms will pack organic lemons, grapefruits, minneolas, and sweet limes from the D3 region in its organic label, Good Life Organic, which is entering into its 6th citrus season.

D3 Organic Lemons start now and will harvest through February 2021, with peak season in November/December. Veg-Fresh anticipates sizes to peak on 140/115 count, and to be limited on larger sizes. Overall, the D3 lemon crop is down 25-35% compared to last year. Promotions will be available throughout the entire season.

D3 Organic Grapefruit will begin mid-October and go through March 2021, with peak season in November, December and January for the D3 crop. Veg-Fresh expects sizes to peak on 48/40/56 count, which is the ideal sizing for bag business.  

D3 Organic Minneolas, a newer item in the past few years for the Veg-Fresh Family, will start mid-December and run through February 2021, with peak season expected in January for the D3 crop. Minneolas will be great for promotions the entire month of January. Peak sizes expected on 100/80/64 count and will be packed bulk and in bags.

D3 Sweet Limes (a lime variety boasting less acidity and yellow in coloring) will be available mid-October and run through February 2021. Reach out for promotional availability as the D3 crop season is underway. Veg-Fresh anticipates peak sizes on Jumbo/Large/Mammoth Sweet Limes.

A great 2020/2021 citrus season is underway! In addition to the D3 crops this winter season, Veg-Fresh Farms offers a year-round organic and conventional citrus program with their geographically diverse grower base out of California and Mexico. The program offers Navels, Valencias, Grapefruits, Lemons, Limes, Minneolas, and Sweet Limes! Get in touch with the Veg Fresh Citrus team (Citrus@vegfresh.com) for more information on our year-round citrus supplies and our current D3 Crop.  

About Veg-Fresh Farms

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