Wonderful Pistachios Partners with PAC-MAN for New Commercial

Wonderful Pistachios has released a new commercial as part of its Get Crackin’ campaign featuring PAC-MAN, everyone’s favorite ghost-champing arcade icon.

Running across cable outlets, digital streaming platforms, and on social media, the new advertisement shows how Bandai’s legendary action maze-chase video game character enjoys eating pistachios. Viewers can enjoy how “PAC-MAN does it like a snack man” munches on a maze of Wonderful Pistachios classic Roasted & Salted variety that leads him right inside the bag! The bag falls over with PAC-MAN emerging and issuing a hearty belch, indicating he is full and satisfied.

This commercial has been released on the heels of Wonderful Pistachios announcing the revival of its Get Crackin’ campaign, which is the most significant campaign the brand will promote this year. Additional spots in the campaign have included Humpty Dumpty, the Universe, competitive eater Joey Chestnut, and a robot named Spot from Boston Dynamics.