Bill Lewis Named Interim President & CEO of Frosty Acres Brands

Alpharetta, GA — Frosty Acres Brands, the national foodservice marketing and purchasing cooperative for independent distributors, announced that Bill Lewis has been named Frosty Acres Brands Interim President & CEO.

Lewis stated: “l am pleased to have the opportunity to lead Frosty Acres. Frosty Acres maintains its stability and is committed to its Members to continue building a strong organization. With one of the best teams in the foodservice industry, Frosty Acres has a firm foundation to serve and support our Members and create opportunities for success. A great deal of the success we are enjoying as a cooperative is a result of the hard work of an engaged Board of Directors and the support of my predecessor, Chip Walker.”

Bob Mackie, Chairman of the Board of Frosty Acres and President of IWC Foodservice, said: “Bill has a proven track record of success, and has great relationships with both the Member and Supplier communities. We look forward to a bright future with Bill and his team leading Frosty Acres. As we welcome Bill Lewis as Interim President & CEO, we also want to thank Chip Walker for the excellent job he has done for the Company and its Members the past 6 years. We wish him well in his future endeavors.”


Frosty Acres Brands is a national marketing and food purchasing cooperative, dedicated to aligning and unifying the sales, marketing, and procurement activities of its Members in order to produce sustainable growth and Member business wealth. Frosty Acres provides high-quality national brands and private brands, such as Restaurant’s Pride’, to its Members. The Frosty Acres cooperative is comprised of independent food distributors in the U.S., Canada, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, Bahamas and Bermuda. Members of Frosty Acres consist of broadliners, wholesalers, retailers, C-store distributors, system distributors, and center-ofthe plate specialists. For more information about Frosty Acres please call 1-800-569-4821, or visit