Frosty Acres Brands Welcomes Tankersley Foodservice

Alpharetta, G – Frosty Acres Brands, the national foodservice sales, marketing, and purchasing cooperative for independent distributors, is excited to announce the newest addition to their cooperative family, Tankersley Foodservice.

Tankersley Foodservice LLC is in Van Buren, Arkansas servicing not only their home state, Arkansas, but also
Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. For over 70 years, Tankersley has remained a family-owned company with
the mission of “doing whatever it takes.” The entire Tankersley team live out their mission with integrity,
innovation, teamwork, communication, being open-minded, and with accountability. This mission,
independent spirit, core values, and over 215,000+ square feet warehouse space, enables them to do what
they do best – service their customers.


Frosty Acres Brands is a national sales, marketing, and food purchasing cooperative, dedicated to aligning and
unifying the sales, marketing, and procurement activities of its Members in order to produce sustainable
growth and Member business wealth. Frosty Acres provides high-quality national brands and private brands,
such as Restaurant’s Pride®, to its Members. The Frosty Acres cooperative is comprised of independent food
distributors in the U.S., Canada, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and Bermuda. Members of Frosty
Acres consist of broadliners, wholesalers, retailers, C-store distributors, system distributors, and center-ofthe plate specialists.

For more information about Frosty Acres please call 1-800-569-4821 or visit
For more information regarding Tankersley Foodservice, please call 1-800-726-6182 or visit