Chefs Experience Beef’s Quality Assurance Standards in Practice

The journey to deliver high-quality and safe beef requires collaboration from pasture to plate. At each step of the process—from the beef farmers and ranchers who raise beef and abide by Beef Quality Assurance standards to the chefs and restauranteurs who prepare beef in their restaurants there is a strong commitment to delivering high-quality beef that consumers love. That’s why Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. in partnership with Chef’s Roll brought beef farmers and ranchers together with chefs. This video series takes chefs across the beef lifecycle to get a first-hand look at the care that goes into creating high-quality beef. But the journey for quality beef doesn’t stop at the farm or ranch. Watch as the farmers and ranchers then go to the chefs’ restaurants to see how they prepare some of their most popular beef dishes bringing the Beef Quality Assurance program from Pasture-to-Plate.


Executive Chef Ryan Clark of Casino Del Sol meets Santa Fe Ranch Manager Dean Fish to learn about environmental stewardship, management of the land and water resources as well as proper cattle handling techniques to ensure animal safety. Chef Clark shares with Dean how he makes his popular Cowboy Ribeye that he currently serves in his restaurant.

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