Gray Growth Logistics Serves DTC Perishable Foods Brands the Recipe for Success

NEW YORK — Gray Growth Logistics helps e-commerce brands that sell refrigerated or frozen food products with various business aspects, so they can achieve success in the highly competitive perishable food industry. Whether it is bringing an idea to market or businesses looking to scale, Gray Growth Logistics provides seamless solutions for operations, fulfillment, marketing, and more to meet the needs of any size company.

Richard Gray, the founder of Gray Growth Logistics, is a leading strategist in global direct-to-consumer marketing and business model creation. He is an acknowledged expert in every area of strategic growth, including product development, logistics, merchandising, marketing, and channel integration.

Gray and his team at Gray Growth Logistics advise food and beverage brands large and small on launching and scaling in the fast-paced e-commerce world. They have helped develop DTC programs for some of the nation’s top food and meal delivery services. Clients have included Vital Choice Seafood, Farmers Dog, QVC-Emeril Lagasse, and Atkins to name a few.

“We truly care about our clients. We care about their products and the businesses we help them build. We care because we honestly love what we do. It’s something we do every day,” said Gray.

Gray Growth Logistics’ most sought-after specialty is its shipping services for e-commerce companies selling frozen foods on platforms such as Amazon and Shopify. With strategically placed frozen food fulfillment centers across the country, brands can ship products to customers quickly, seamlessly, and affordably.

“Our relationships with the top shipping partners and leading cold storage companies become your assets,” said Gray. “We’ve developed all the necessary relationships to provide you with the perfect solution for your DTC frozen food business.”

Gray Growth Logistics develops a full logistics strategy to ensure their clients’ customers receive food orders in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. From production, packaging, and labeling to storage, fulfillment, and shipping, they bring perishable products to market and get them consumer ready.

“We’re committed to building you a great business with a unique set of disciplines – from operational to strategic and marketing – to migrate your concept or prototype into a full-fledged commerce-ready product,” said Gray.

For entrepreneurs interested in the DTC perishable goods niche, Richard Gray’s most recent book, ‘Appetite for Convenience: How to Sell Perishable Food Direct to Consumers,’ was written to give readers a clear understanding of how this industry works. When selling perishable products, processes such as inventory management, sourcing, and shipping are very real challenges. This book breaks down the process into bite-size chunks that are easily digestible so businesses can learn how to operate successfully in this growing niche. ‘Appetite for Success’ is now available online at Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers.

With over 30 years of consulting experience in food production and marketing, Gray Growth Logistics knows what it takes to succeed in this industry. Their turnkey services can streamline product development, marketing, and ultimately sales to transform any DTC perishable food venture into a success. To learn more about their services or to schedule a consultation, visit