Record Sales & Empty Shelves: The Short- and Long-Term Impact of COVID-19 on Supermarkets

Businesses all over the country are shutting down as responses to COVID-19 increase daily. Meanwhile supermarkets are working around the clock. And they are one of the very few remaining places where people can’t avoid coming in close contact with each other.

As supermarkets scramble to stay ahead of rapidly changing conditions, there are multiple short-term challenges they are dealing with. Let’s review some of these first, and then take a look at the long-term implications.

The Top Short-Term Challenges for Grocers

Panic Buying

At first, hoarding was the big problem as shelves were wiped out. Stores were slow to set a limit on the number of the same item an individual could buy. However, most stores have now imposed limits, at the very least on the items most in demand. Now they are working hard to enforce these rules with added security measures needed on site in some case.

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